2014-03-06: r. i. p. (roppongi inc. project) - schnarch suite
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this is the second r.i.p. ep released by roaring disc records. r.i.p. (roppongi inc. project) are essentially two russian dj's - negative and fomin - and this second offering paves the way to their future full length release! it opens with the original "Schnarch Suite" a track characterised by harmonically integrated "snoring" samples and numerous fuzzed sounds accompanied with powerful and driving kicks. the next original is "metal balls" an impressive track combining classical strings with heavy trance-industrial sounds - an art that r.i.p. have developed to perfection. additionally, there are many brilliant remixes by noisuf-x, amduscia, cynical existence, detuned destruction, komor kommando, mono dual, nightmare of cain, and statik sky. the ep closes with a bonus track, the previously released original "moskau leipzig" featuring a sexy female german voice. r.i.p. continue to prove their power in producing bombastic tracks that really move both your emotions and your body on the dance floor. "schnarch suite" is stunning russian techno/industrial at its best, simply a must-have. get r.i.p.ed!
d.j. negative and d.j. fomin

d.j. negative and d.j. fomin

d.j. negative and d.j. fomin

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