2014-07-18: in mitra medusa inri - lucid
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"it has been a while since i could review something from them and now i get 6 tracks and jump on it from the moment i get 5 seconds! 'deep inside' is the first track. the electronics, the typical gothic voice and retro electronic drums overwhelm me. at some point i thought it would stay a gothic track, but the electronic sound wins and that isnít a bad thing! with a bit more pimping up it could even become a dance floor hit, genre 'sparrows and nightingales' or 'dance floor tragedy'! if you know from who these tracks are than you really know what i'm talking about! i love the catchy sound, well worked out! 'theatre of rain' reminds me a bit of 'deine lakaien': the pathos and the sound. 'waiting' is a strange mix of gothic and electronics. it comes close to 'love never dies' from silke bischoff. the sound is pretty catchy; i can see them on stage with this track! 'incapable' starts with a great piano and a whispering voice, but then they decide to add some electronics and get away from what could become a great piano ballad. still the sound stays soft and a bit mellow. the more the track evolves, the more energy got pumped into it. 'papaverland' starts as if it's telling something in german about a dream, pretty soft but nice. it sounds a bit like a mix between the 'sisters of mercy' and 'clan of xymox'. the sound somehow makes me happy. my german isnít good enough, but somehow it makes me smile and feel good! 'deep inside (paralyzed remix)', well i talked about a better remix and this one is just it! i really hope a lot of dj's will use this one, so that they can reach out and play more! it was pretty much fun. i got a little bit back in time. a time when i was still reviewing in my mother language for a magazine that only had a paper version ... time flies and luckily these folks became stronger and better, not too much sticking in their own sound. evolution is a great thing. if you don't go with it, well: ask darwin ... nice job!"
2014-07-20 by filip van muylem (peeek a boo magazine)
holger wagner, grosse-kleffmann, rico huellermeyer

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