2015-01-29: delta 16 - enigma
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enigmatic coincidences led to the fact that exactly 16 years after “delta 16” produced their three tracks “phoenix”, “odyssey” and “enigma”, all tracks carefully were remastered and released. thus, this is the final track of their brilliant trilogy. “enigma” is characterized by plenty of highly harmonic pads supported by classic percussions and electronic beats. its a piece of music that hardly could be described by our limited set of words. pay attention during listening to “enigma”. it really may alter your state of mind. there is a latent danger to experience daydreaming and also cases of spontaneously dancing activities were reported. we seriously recommend not to consume “enigma” during driving a car, a boat, a plane or operating machines.
michael kaufmann, martin senne

michael kaufmann, martin senne

michael kaufmann, martin senne

tonstudio michael kaufmann, herdecke

delta 16