2016-10-27: chekarino project - zeroes
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”zeroes” is the debut album of electropop-duo chekarino project from the ukraine. with futuristic synthesizersounds and valeria ryzhenko’s brilliant voice chekarino project, coproduced by dj negative (roppongi inc. project), present a colourful mixture consisting of 12 catchy and self-contained songs. ”journey”, the first piece, is perfectly suitable to be played at radio stations because of its excellent songwriting, its length and its extraordinary recognition value. in addition, both ”transic” and ”i love me“ will burn every dancefloor due to their driving beats. all in all, ”zeroes“ is a very harmonic and sound album absolutely worth listening to. chekarino procect – this is lust for life.
roman gatylo

valeria ryzhenko

roman gatylo, ivan shapkin, dj negative

xc studio, kiev