2018-02-23: liebe frau gesangsverein - hier sein ist so schwer
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liebe frau gesangsverein release their second single called “hier sein ist so schwer“ (engl.: being here is so hard). the song beautifully depicts the desperation of being stuck. listening to this track, however, feels like the contrary: it is easy and almost soothing. the song combines tricky guitars and well placed vocals. the female singer ricarda giefer convinces once more with her brilliant lyrics and vocals. “hier sein ist so schwer“ is taken from the debut album "nackt" (release: february, 23rd) which was recorded and produced by kurt ebelhaeuser (tonstudio 45, koblenz). liebe frau gesangsverein is brilliant lyrics plus a mixture of strong guitar rock and a huge amount of punky elements.
liebe frau gesangsverein

ricarda giefer

kurt ebelhaeuser

tonstudio 45, koblenz

official video