2019-07-26: r. i. p. (roppongi inc. project) - t.e.m.le.s.s. remixes
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r.i.p. (roppongi inc. project) a thundering comeback: the techno/industrial legends have released three remixed tracks on the album “t.e.m.le.s.s.” – “temporary evacuation 27.04.86”, “moskau leipzig” and “schnarch suite” – creating the title from the acronym of the tracks involved. a great collaboration presenting a total of 17 remix works, involving sound engineers and djs from all over the world: great britain, mexico, germany, austria, russia, ukraine, poland, usa, china, france and italy. linking their talented hands across borders and seas and sharing their experience to infuse a new spirit of diving deeply in thought to the album. with the heartfelt and explosive dance message of the original project’s acts, the “t.e.m.le.s.s.” remix compilation is expected to please hard industrial fans by 'adding a kick to German dark stage expertise' as well as a broader audience bringing to their attention the genre itself.
d.j. negative and d.j. fomin

d.j. negative and d.j. fomin

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