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some people may indeed still believe that good old wave is dead for sure they have never heard anything of and by immi. since 1992 in mitra medusa inri (immi) have attracted their musical circles. allthough there have been various changes within the band over the years, holger meyer pursues his dreams to come true. for the first time in the history of the band, they created an art-concept including audio and visual elements. this is not only a complement to the band 's overall concept, it also gives a completely new face to the circle of the immi family, dan barky, sandra and la grey. immi has never been so poignant and profoundly dreamy-realistic as they are now. in case of their new vp "lucid", the name says all: "live your dreams". from this point of view the first songs and videos have already been published, which are included to the vp "lucid". immi suggests the listener to be aware of his world where everything is possible but at the same time appears unreal. their music still remains the old gothic / dark wave theme transferred to modern times: faithful and still willing to break new ground. so, all remains as it was ... and at the same time moves on! immi looks forward to celebrating a big reunion with old friends and new people joining the circle of the family. see you. stay beautifully crazy!

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2014-09-07 20:00: nocturnal culture night, leipzig
2014-06-28: blue shell, koeln (report: tombstone)


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